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Semi-Truck Wrecks

Semi-Truck Wrecks - Stanley Myers Morgan - Tulsa Law

As any Tulsa driver knows, our highways are full of semi-trucks.

You can’t drive I-44, I-244, Highway 169, Highway 75 or even the Broken Arrow Expressway without experiencing a good deal of 18-wheeler or other big-rig traffic.

These professional drivers are typically well trained and practice safe driving techniques. But accidents can—and do—happen. And, unfortunately, they often result in serious injuries to the other motorists involved. When you’re on the other end of a semi-truck wreck, you need a Tulsa law firm experienced in these types of cases. You need Stanley Morgan Personal Injury Law Firm..

Working with us as soon as possible is key to your success. In these cases, a trucking company’s goal is to minimize their liability and the compensation paid to you. Often, insurance adjusters will show up at the site of the accident and work aggressively to minimize your claim. This is sometimes achieved by offering you a settlement before you retain the services of a qualified attorney like Stanley Myers Morgan. When you do this, your settlement is usually less than you would’ve gotten with an attorney, and it’s often paid before you even truly know the extent of your injuries.

At Stanley Morgan, we know what to look for in semi-truck wreck cases. Was the accident caused by speeding, a tire blowout, jackknifing or load shift? Was there driver fatigue involved, or perhaps driving under the influence? We’ll interview witnesses. We’ll study police reports. We’ll subpoena important information including driver’s logs, drug test results and vehicle maintenance reports. If your accident is due to negligence on the part of the driver or the trucking company, we can find out.

The attorneys at Stanley  Morgan are experienced with claims against larger-scale defendants like trucking companies. We’ll work to get you the compensation you deserve, covering the financial strain your accident has caused, from medical costs to lost wages and more.

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