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If you or a loved one has been the victim of elder abuse at a Tulsa-area nursing home or assisted living facility, call the experts at Stanley Morgan Personal Injury Law Firm. We’ll help you hold these facilities accountable.

It’s unfortunate, but the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) reports that half of the nursing homes in the Unites States are understaffed. This means the overworked employees in these nursing homes are unable to meet the demands of their residents and successfully maintain the facilities. The result, even if unintentional, is often abuse and neglect. Worse, it’s not uncommon for nursing homes to intentionally place their drive for profits above the needs and rights of residents. Healthcare fraud where unscrupulous healthcare workers or administrators use the vulnerability of nursing home patients to overcharge for services rendered, perform unnecessary services, and even to cause permanent harm to patients in an effort to increase profits, is on the rise.

With more than 280 nursing homes in the state of Oklahoma—almost fifty in Tulsa alone—the odds that this could happen to you or a loved one are higher than you might imagine. We find that most cases against nursing homes are a result of the facility’s failure to provide appropriate health care and protective and supportive services. These violations often result in serious physical injury and can lead to an undignified existence for the elderly resident. We’ve also seen cases where the resident suffers no physical injury at all, but because of the actions (or inaction) of the nursing home staff, they are deprived of their general well-being and their right to a dignified existence while living in the nursing home. When this happens and State and Federal laws providing “Residents’ Rights” have been violated, you need an advocate like Stanley Morgan to stand up for you or your loved one.

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